The Operations Division in divided into four precincts and a Special Operations unit. Each precinct is staffed to provide around the clock police patrol coverage to the entire city.

Operations Division officers are provided with a wide variety of training and equipment to provide the best service possible to the people they encounter. Officers can be found patrolling in vehicles, bicycles, on horseback, and ATV’s on the beach. 

Officers are trained in techniques of de-escalation, mental health, first aid, crisis intervention, policing from the juvenile perspective, and communication so they are prepared to address the varying needs of the community.

The Operations Division includes the following units:

Civilian Volunteer Program

Volunteers serve in a variety of roles within the department. They assist with tasks such as clerical work, answering telephones, animal caretaker, Chaplain services and more. Opportunities are available in all four precinct locations, and in select units where appropriate.

Community Liaison Officers

Community Liaison Officers provide outreach to neighborhoods, civic leagues and groups to foster positive relationships between the police department and the residents it serves.

Community Service Officers

Community Service Officers are VBPD members who assist residents during an emergency by responding to calls for service that may not require the response of a patrol officer, allowing the certain cases to be prioritized. Some duties include assisting with disabled vehicles or directing traffic.

Crime Reporting Unit

The Crime Reporting Unit handles non-emergency calls that have been determined to not require an officer to respond to the scene but allow for interviews and statements to be taken over the phone. This provides a prompt, efficient response to non-emergency situations, freeing up capacity for patrol officers to respond to emergency incidents in a timely manner.

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

Crisis Intervention Team trained officers respond to calls for service where an individual may be experiencing a behavioral health crisis. 

In collaboration with City departments and community partners, a police officer and clinician are dispatched as part of a Mobile Co-Responder Team (MCRT) with the goal of safely deescalating a situation and diverting an individual in crisis away from jail whenever possible and instead to the appropriate treatment opportunity.


Virginia Beach is divided into four precincts, which are each further divided into zones that are covered by patrol officers.

School Resource Officer Program

School Resource Officers are specially selected and trained uniformed police officers assigned to each middle and high school campus in the city of Virginia Beach. In their role, they cultivate positive relationships between police officers and students in an atmosphere of approachability, mutual respect, and trust.

Special Operations

Officers in Special Operations are assigned to units specializing in an area of police work and possess the knowledge and skills specific to the role of their unit.