CSOs are qualified and passionate members of the Department who provide support for both police officers and residents of Virginia Beach. The interactions that CSOs have with members of our community and the police department strengthen the relationship between our residents and their police force.

Our CSOs have been recognized by other cities for their assistance during emergencies and their overwhelming dedication to other cities in our region.

CSOs assist officers and citizens in a wide variety of actions. Their duties include:

  • Assisting at crash scenes by directing traffic, helping safely secure scenes, and making sure no other damage or injuries occur on an incident scene.
  • Helping residents with their disabled vehicles by changing tires, fueling stalled vehicles and/or jump-starting vehicles. Additionally, they may push disabled vehicles out of the roadway, call for tow truck assistance, assist with parking enforcement and investigate abandoned vehicles in the city limits, or other calls for service, as appropriate.
  • Providing major support for the police department when a resident calls 911 from the roadway. This allows prioritization of cases for patrol officers, saving time and resources