The goal of the volunteer program is to expand and enhance existing services through involvement of volunteers in service delivery. 

Some of the areas to volunteer include, all four precincts, Crime Solvers, the Community Engagement Unit including Explorer Post, Project Lifesaver, the Chaplain Program, the Detective Bureau including Forensics, the Mounted Patrol Unit, and the Animal Care and Adoption Center.

The Virginia Beach Police Department Civilian Volunteer Program has been in service for over 20 years. VBPD currently has more than 400 volunteers that work in many locations throughout our department including all four precincts, Special Operations, the Community Engagement Unit, Crime Solvers, the Detective Bureau, the Animal Care and Adoption Center, among other divisions as needed.

Our volunteers are extremely dedicated, committed and some have been around since the program began. Volunteers have put in thousands of hours each year, and their work is appreciated. Thank you for your service to our department and the community.

VBPD also offers internships to college students. All volunteer and intern positions are based on availability and are subject to change.

All volunteers and in​terns must complete an application including a notarized Criminal History Request Form, sign a confidentiality agreement, among any required training if applicable.

Please contact the Animal Care and Adoption Center at (757) 385-4444 or or visit the Animal Care & Adoption Center website for more information.

The Police Department volunteer/intern applications are accepted through the Volunteer Resource Manager (contact information below). Volunteer applications are accepted for available positions only. See below under volunteer opportunities for more details.