The Virginia Beach Police Department is made up of four precincts, each covering a portion of the City. Individual precincts are further divided into smaller zones to accommodate community policing, whereby officers become intimately familiar with the neighborhoods and residents they serve.

Each precinct also has its own Community Advisory Committee (CAC). The CACs are intended to be a catalyst for helping foster a sense of community and work towards effective and efficient community relations. Learn more about CACs on their webpage.

Citizen's Advisory Committees

The Citizen’s Advisory Committees are a collaborative partnership between the Virginia Beach Police Department and individuals who reside within the city of Virginia Beach. These meetings are open to all Virginia Beach residents. 

During the meetings, oftentimes, guest speakers provide interesting presentations on various topics. Representatives from city and state agencies are often on hand to provide updated information for residents and to allow them to express concerns and/or opinions on how the City may better serve the community and to provide opportunities for residents and the City to partner on various initiatives. 

The CAC is a direct way for the City to be more accountable and responsive to residents and taxpayers.

Precinct Events Calendars